Whether you are making a sauce or dressing, quality herbs and seasonings can turn you from a kitchen zero to a kitchen hero.


  • Basil, Domestic.
  • Oregano, Turkish. A milder oregano that won’t overwhelm your dish or sauce. Great on pizza.
  • Parsley, Italian Flat Leaf. A more robust flavor than traditional curly head parsley.
  • Sage, Rubbed.
  • Rosemary, Imported.


  • Red Chili Flake, Crushed. For those who like to “kick it up a notch” in flavor.
  • Red & Green Bell Pepper Granules. Add a lightly smoky, pepper flavor to any dish.


  • Anise Seed. Great for baking.
  • Fennel Seed. Add the sweetness of Italian Sausage to any dish


  • Garlic, Sliced. A great substitute for fresh garlic.