The Best Homemade Italian Sausage In Denver!

In the 1940s, Fred Valente owned a small grocery store in north Denver around 48th and Beach Court. There, he began making his signature Italian sausage using only the best lean pork butts and his special blend of spices. Fred’s sausage was all hand-mixed and hand-stuffed. When I-70 came through and took his market, Fred moved his family to Westminster where he ranched and eventually opened the Rodeo Supermarket – a Westminster fixture for four decades. People came from miles around for Fred’s homemade Italian sausage. After Fred passed, son Larry continued to make the sausage the same way he had learned from his father. After Larry closed the Rodeo Supermarket and opened Valente’s Deli, the sausage making continued.

Today, Larry and son Dino along with the staff continue to make Fred’s recipe the same way he did over 70 years ago – by hand with the best lean pork butts and the special blend of spices. Valente’s Italian sausage contains no preservatives, no fillers and no MSG. Making Italian sausage in small batches ensures the highest quality control and the best flavor.

Valente’s makes Fred’s recipe daily. Choose from Mild or Hot. Both are available fresh in link or bulk as well as fresh frozen patties.

Whether you need a pound for dinner or 20 pounds for a party, you can expect the same high quality.

Call ahead for large orders.