Every Italian family has a version of sauce, gravy or ragu; however Valente’s has the best recipe. Elaine T. Valente was known as “the heart and soul of Adams County” for her tough as nails but compassionate approach to governance and budgeting. Few realized, however, that she was a dynamite cook. Using recipes taught to her by her mother Louise (LoSasso) Gaccetta as well as those she developed herself, Elaine delighted family and friends with her cooking. Of all the amazing dishes she cooked, none stood out more than her spaghetti sauce. Made with top quality Italian tomatoes, fresh herbs and spices, Elaine’s sauce could turn a simple meal into a masterpiece.

Today, son Dino continues the tradition making Elaine T. Valente’s sauce just like she did: a little pulpy, a touch spicy and filled with love.

Available fresh in pints and quarts. Great with your favorite cut of pasta, Valente’s homemade Italian sausage and meatballs or with one of Valente’s famous canoli. One taste and you will leave your table like all of Elaine’s guests … very happy.