Valente’s offers a wide variety of cold, bottled Beverages, and warm beverages.  Add one with a bag of Boulder Canyon Kettle Cooked Chips to go with your meal to make it a combo

Rocky Mountain Soda Co. (355ml)
Boulder Birch Beer
Breckenridge Blackberry
Buena Vista Black Cherry
Colorado Cola
Evergreen Elderberry
Golden Ginger Beer
Grand Teton Grape
Hayden Huckleberry (Seasonal)
Loveland Lemon-Limeade
Old Centennial Orange Cream
Palisades Peaches & Cream
Pikes Peak Prickly Pear
Rocky Mountain Root Beer
South Park Sarsaparilla (Seasonal)

Boylan Bottling Co (355ml)
Birch Beer
Black Cherry Soda
Cane Cola
Creamy Red Birch Beer
Cream Soda
Ginger Ale
Lemon Seltzer
Raspberry Seltzer
Root Beer
Shirley Temple
Diet Cola
Diet Root Beer
Diet Black Cherry Soda

San Pellegrino (330ml)
Arancia & Fico d’India (Orange & Prickly Pear)
Aranciata (Orange)
Aranciata Rossa (Sparkling Blood Orange)
Limonata (Sparkling Lemon)
Melograno & Arancia (Pomegranate & Orange)
Pompelmo (Grapefruit)

Luna Roasters Draco Coffee

Valente’s Bottled Water


Coca-Cola Products (591ml)
Coca-Cola Classic
Diet Coke
Coca-Cola Zero
Coca-Cola Cherry
Coca-Cola Cherry Zero
Cherry Vanilla Coca-Cola
Cherry Vanilla Coca-Cola Zero
Barq’s Root Beer
Pibb Xtra
Dasani Water

Gold Peak Tea (547ml)
California Raspberry
Georgia Peach
Green Tea
Sweet with Real Sugar
Unsweetened Tea
Zero Sugar Sweet Tea


A’ Siciliana (330ml)
Aranciata di Sicilia (Sicily Blood Orange Soda)
Limonata di Sicilia (Sicily Lemon Soda)

BodyArmor (473ml)
Berry Lemonade
Blackout Berry
Blue Raspberry
Tropical Punch
Cherry Lime
Fruit Punch
Gold Berry
Orange Mango
Strawberry Banana
Pineapple Coconut
Strawberry Grape
Watermelon Strawberry

Gatorade (591ml)
Thirst Quencher Lemon Lime
Thirst Quencher Orange
Thirst Quencher Cool Blue
Thirst Quencher Fruit Punch
Thirst Quencher Blue Cherry
Thirst Quencher Grape
Thirst Quencher Arctic Blitz
Thirst Quencher Lime Cucumber
Fierce Green Apple
Frost Glacier Freeze

Pepsi Products (591ml)
Diet Pepsi
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper Cherry
Dr. Pepper Zero
Diet Dr. Pepper
Wild Cherry Pepsi
Wild Cherry Pepsi Zero
Mtn Dew
Diet Mtn Dew
Mug Root Beer
Orange Crush
Aquafina Water