Deli Meats

Valente’s is THE place in the north metro area for your charcuterie offering a huge selection of the finest Italian salami, Prosciutto di Parma, Mortadella, Capciola, hams, turkeys and beefs. Read More »


Every day the air of south Westminster is filled with the delectable aroma of freshly baked bread from Valente’s. On any given day, choose from a wide assortment, many of which are listed here. Daily selections vary. Read More »

Italian Sausage

Larry and son Dino along with the staff continue to make Fred’s recipe the same way he did over 70 years ago – by hand with the best lean pork butts and the special blend of spices. Read More »

Meat & Other Sausages

For nearly 60 years, Valente’s has been Westminster’s place to buy high quality meat at everyday prices. Unlike the supermarkets, Valente’s has always cut our meat fresh on site. We buy only naturally-fed, USDA Choice beef which is more flavorful, has just the right amount of fat and marble and is only exceeded by USDA Prime in tenderness. Read More »


Any good Italian Meal needs good meatballs. Valente’s has you covered. Freshly made, Valente’s uses Elaine T. Valente’s recipe as taught to her by her mother Louise. Read More »

Fresh Sauce

Today, son Dino continues the tradition making Elaine T. Valente’s sauce just like she did; a little pulpy, a touch spicy and filled with love. Read More »

Italian Cheeses

Valente’s proudly offers a huge variety of top quality cheeses both Italian and Traditional from many of the world’s finest cheese producers. Read More »


An Italian staple, olives are used in sauces, on pizzas, on antipasto platters, to make oil, as a garish, in a cocktail, on a sandwich or as a simple snack. Valente’s offers a large variety of olives for whatever use you desire. Read More »