Any good Italian Meal needs good meatballs. Valente’s has you covered. Freshly made, Valente’s uses Elaine T. Valente’s recipe as taught to her by her mother Louise. Like our signature sausage, Valente’s Italian meatballs are made in small batches with top-quality beef and pork cut and ground on site and seasoned with only the top quality spices. Valente’s meatballs contain no MSG and no preservatives. Lightly hand-rolled to prevent the meatballs from becoming hard, Valente’s quick-freezes the freshly made meatballs and packs them in convenient sizes so that all you have to do is roast or fry what you need for your meal.

Are you gluten-free?  Well, Valente’s still wants you to enjoy meatballs with your meal!  We now offer our same Italian meatballs gluten-free using a top quality gluten-free panko in place of breadcrumbs.