For nearly 70 years, Valente’s has been Westminster’s place to buy high quality meat at everyday prices. Unlike the supermarkets, Valente’s has always cut our meat fresh on site. We buy only naturally-fed, USDA Choice beef which is more flavorful, has just the right amount of fat and marble and is only exceeded by USDA Prime in tenderness.

Valente’s also carries top quality lean pork cut fresh daily.

You will find our meat case filled with:

  • Ground round, ground on site daily with USDA Choice round meat, 98% lean
  • A variety of beef roasts
  • Freshly cut center-loin pork chops
  • Pork loin roasts
  • Freshly ground pork
  • USDA choice steak cut on premises

Additionally, Valente’s carries other top-quality meats including:

  • Thick-sliced farmer’s bacon (traditional and peppered)
  • All beef jumbo franks
  • Margherita brand pepperoni
  • Danish baby back ribs
  • Valente’s famous country-style pork ribs
  • Look in our freezer for top quality chicken breast

Other Sausages

In addition to our signature Italian sausage, Valente’s also makes a variety of other sausages using the same methods of small, hand-mixed, hand-stuffed batches. All of our sausages are made using top-quality pork and beef and spices and never any fillers or additives. We NEVER use MSG. Our other specialty sausages are not always available but can be prepared to special order with a 5-pound batch minimum.

Choose from:

  • German Sausage.  Until his passing in 2010, our head butcher Paul Lauer mixed up his family’s German sausage for his relatives and for Valente’s customers. Today, Valente’s butchers continue to make Paul Lauer’s German Sausage using his family recipe as taught to them by Paul.
  • Breakast Pork Sausage.  There is something about a good sausage patty or link for breakfast with your eggs to start the day off right.
  • Bratwurst.  For over 50 years, Valente’s has offered our bratwurst as a summer staple. With the correct blend of spices, Valente’s bratwurst will have your neighbors running to your patio with beer as the smell of the brats grilling wafts through the neighborhood. Great for tailgate parties.
  • Other specialty sausages including Portugese Linguisa, Chorizo and Swedish potato sausage can also be made. If you have a family recipe that you want made but lack the equipment and ability, bring it to Valente’s and we will make it for you!